The Orange County Comedy Festival

November 14th through December 16th

Orange County is a great place to live except for its limited live comedy options.

So, we’re putting on OC’s first-ever comedy festival featuring live standup, improv, sketch, podcasts and more.

Grab some friends and come join the fun!

Upcoming Shows:

Friday 12/14


7pm– Fun Town USA (Standup Comedy) –GET TICKETS

9pm – Smart People  Saying Funny Things (Standup Comedy) – GET TICKETS


Saturday 12/15


7pm-The Amazing Comedy Show (Standup Comedy) – GET TICKETS

 9pm – Comedy Juggernaut (Standup Comedy) – GET TICKETS



The OC Comedy Festival is a comedy festival like no other. 

That’s because our shows are taking place ALL OVER Orange County this November 14 through 18th. 

Not just at comedy clubs. Not just at theaters. Not just at night.

We’re putting on mobile comedy shows day and night at clubs, theaters, bars, retail stores, co-op workspaces, surf shops, malls — you name it. 

If it’s somewhere we can set up an amplifier, mic, and mic stand we’ll be doing a show.

Click here to find your nearest show and to reserve tickets before they sell out. 


Another thing that sets the OC Comedy Festival apart is that we actually took the time to put together dozens of cleverly themed shows that you’ll really enjoy.

Some of these shows include: I Refuse To Die Alone – single comedians share their worst, weirdest and funniest dating stories, Nerd Rage – comedians perform material about sci-fi, comic book and horror fandom, Ever Got So High You… – comedians recount their funniest, scariest and most embarrassing experiencing using marijuana.

We even have The Massage Table Open Mic – a show where comics perform 3 minutes of material from the comfort (and discomfort) of a massage table during an actual massage. 

Will any these comics be shirtless while doing so?

Come to our shows and find out!


We crushed a lot of dreams and broke a lot of hearts during our meticulous selection process for this year’s festival.

Orange County is a fancy place. A place where a man in his late 50’s might own two or more Corvettes and have three or more ex-wives under the age of 30.

So, it’s not just any comedy performers who are going to do.

We received countless submissions from comedians, actors, and comedy performers from around the world.

And from all of these we narrowed our selection down an elite 36 comedians, sketch groups and podcasters.

In addition, we’ve booked surprise guests at all of our shows who you’ll recognize from TV and movies.

That’s right, Orange County, we’re spoiling you this November.

Because you deserve it.

Sponsors & Partners

None of this year’s awesome OC Comedy Festival goodness would be possible without the help and support of our sponsors, partners and good friends below:

The Orange County Comedy Festival

Orange County’s first-ever comedy festival featuring over 20 venues, 30 shows, and 60 performers. This November 14th through December 16th.

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